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Skudoboard Fabric Back 4X8 GR 10 pcs

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SkudoBoard HT FR Frabic Back is a simple yet ingenious solution. With a layer of special material underneath, this carpet perfectly protects flat surfaces from damage during construction work. Skudoboard is suitable for use on tile, stone, marble, vinyl, wooden panels, parquet and architectural concrete floors.

The thick protective layer created by the SkudoBoard HT FR Fabric Back makes the floor well protected from damage, chips and scratches. The hard synthetic material used by the manufacturer can withstand the movement of forklifts, construction workers and other typical equipment.Use SkudoBoard wherever you want to protect flat surfaces from damage, but don't want to lay plywoods.

SkudoBoard will be perfect for protecting floors under work stations.

SkudoBoard Features

  • Water resistance - You can use SkudoBoard both ine home interiors and exteriors
  • Fire retardance - SkudoBoard burns very slowly and doesn't spread fire
  • Slip resistance - rugged surface makes moving around easy and safe
  • Extermely high impact resitance - SkudoBoard dissipates kinetic energy during impact, thus protecting the floor from cracks and chipping
  • Weight resistance - this flooring can withstand the pressure generated by forklifts, jacks and material cars
  • Low weight
  • Reusability

SkudoBoard Applications

SkudoBoard's textured surface is designed to achieve the highest possible degree of resistance to fire, water, static and dynamic loads and friction. All this is done to ensure maximum safety for people, equipment and floors alike.

Standards & Limitations

  • SkudoBoard should only be used on a stable and prepared surface
  • SkudoBoard must not be placed on fresh concrete that has not yet hardened or solidified
  • Fire Retardance - ASTM E 648 Class 1, 16 CFR 1630
  • Slip resistance in wet conditions - ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012

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