MALCO Laminate Flooring Cutter FCC6



  • Malco
  • No noisy operation
  • No sharpening required
  • Optimum Leverage reduces fatigue
  • Durable lightweight frame and high leverage design offer long service life, easy handling & smooth cutting operation
  • Cuts cleanly without distortion
  • Generates minimal dust

Malco Laminate Flooring Guillotine FCC6 Specifications:

  • Capacity Flooring: 5/16 in.


MALCO Laminate Flooring Cutter FCC6

Laminate flooring is made easier with Malco’s Guillotine Shear for Laminate Flooring. The large stable plate with board-stop supports material to ensure square, straight cuts up to 8-1/4″ (210 mm) long. The shear cuts cleanly with no distortion, with no noisy operation or need to sharpen the blade over time.

Weight 13.5 lbs
Dimensions 28.5 × 12.5 × 13 in