Grip Clips 25-Pack – Ice Dam Heat Tape Clips – Three Sizes


  • Radiant Solutions Company

GridClips are the preferred heat cable clip for HeatTapePro. They allow for the installation of self-regulating heat cable on asphalt shingle, cedar and slate roofs without the use of tools or nails driven through the roof.

  • 25 GripClips per Box
  • No Tools Required to Install
  • Made of weather resistant high-quality aluminum
  • Available in 3 Grip thicknesses for different roofing material (.325″, .625″, .875″) – .325″ fits 95% of all asphalt shingles sold in North America



Grip Clip can sturdily hold your Ice Dam Heat Tape without the need to put holes in your roof shingles –something that can nullify the warranty on some roofs.

Grip Clips Thickness

Grip Clip .875, Grip Clips .325, Grip Clips .625