GAF Pro-Start® Eave/Rake Starter Strip Shingles



  • GAF

GAF Pro-Start® Specifications:

  • Width: 6.5″ (165.1 mm); 13″ (330 mm)
  • Product Thickness: 2.4 “
  • Coverage Area: 60 sq. ft
  • Number of pieces per bundle: 19
  • Features: Dura Grip Adhesive
  • Surfacing:  Mineral
  • Texture: Granulated
  • Packaging: 38″ (965.2 mm)
  • Product Weight: 52 lb.



GAF Pro-Start® Eave/Rake Starter Strip Shingles

are one of the most overlooked parts of a roofing system!  That’s because some roofing contractors try to use a cut-up 3-tab strip shingle as the “starter” course on your roof.  Unfortunately, these cut-up shingles may not have properly positioned adhesive to help reduce the risk of shingle blow-off.  Pro-Start® Eave/Rake Starter Strips are made with a high-quality, properly positioned adhesive applied at the factory to help prevent shingle blow-off.  Plus, installers like that they’re easy to use with no cutting on the roof, while homeowners feel good about the fact that they create less waste.